There has been a significant increase in the new trend for cosmetic foot surgery which originated in the USA, resulting in a number of people going under the knife to achieve ‘foot perfection’.

Any surgery carries a degree of risk. Infections, delayed healing and not receiving the desired result are some of the risks that patients face when undergoing procedures such as toe shortening, bone restructuring and injectable fillers. It’s difficult to justify the risks if you are looking to achieve aesthetically pleasing results on feet that are pain free.

There are many, many good and justifiable reasons to undergo surgery on the feet and in the UK, we are extremely lucky to have many wonderful and highly skilled surgeons to operate appropriately. When considering cosmetic foot surgery, the main consideration should always be function. If mobility is reduced, it can have disastrous consequences. If our mobility is reduced, we face a number of health problems such as weight gain and depression.

Our feet are such complex structures, and we ask a huge amount of them on a daily basis. If you have concerns about your feet, make an appointment with a Podiatrist who may be able to offer alternatives to surgery. Hopefully, we won’t see a rise in cosmetic foot procedures in the UK, the price could be too high for many.

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